The Emerge Center | Board Leadership

The Emerge Center’s nonprofit leadership comes from its diverse board of directors, who provide leadership, guidance, and support about the our center’s activities.

Under the direction of our dedicated board, in 2017 we completed a strategic planning process for the next steps for Emerge. This strategic plan outlines our future plans to address this need through The Emerge Center, The Emerge School for Autism, and The Emerge Foundation.

Click here to view the Executive Summary of our Strategic Plan.

Click here to view the complete Strategic Plan.


Melissa Gregg Blake, Chair
Mike DePaul, Vice Chair
Janna Oetting, Ph.D., Secretary
Stephen Cangelosi, Treasurer
Robert Pettit, Immediate Past Chair


Marvin Borgmeyer
Vicki Crochet
Madison DeWitt
Zelma Frederick
Terrence Ginn
Beverly Haydel
Dr. Charlotte Hollman
Dr. Catherine Katzenmeyer
Sunny McDaniel
J.P. Perrault, Chair, The Emerge School for Autism
Paul Saltaformaggio
Katie Sternberg, Chair, The Emerge Foundation
Audrey Wascome
Sylvia Winder

Deanna Whittle, CEO, The Emerge Center, ex-officio 
Shelton Jones, Executive Director, The Emerge Foundation, ex-officio
Leigh Bozard, Principal, The Emerge School for Autism, ex-officio
Dr. Natalee Menge, Executive Director of Clinic Operations, The Emerge Center, ex-officio