Autism Therapy and Treatment

A Unique Approach

What separates The Emerge Center from your other options in Baton Rouge is our unique approach to therapy. Our inter-disciplinary team includes licensed Psychologists, Licensed and Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Speech-Language Pathologists, and Occupational Therapists, along with trained Registered Line Technicians. By working with all or part of our team, your child will have a customized treatment program developed specifically for him/her, rooted in evidence-based research that addressed your child’s individual needs.

An Overview Of Our Therapy Program

Children in our Autism Programs are enrolled in our Children’s Development Center, which provides a “one-stop-shop” for many therapies. All children in an Autism Program receive one-on-one Verbal Behavior therapy based in principals of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), as well as Group Speech-Language Therapy through our Foundation Program, to establish and promote appropriate language development, early academic and social skills. Additional services are available depending on the child’s need, including Individual Speech Therapy for one-on-one help with language, and Occupational Therapy  to work on sensory-motor skills and help your child master his/her environment.

This format allows for constant collaboration between clinical staff, to better treat the whole child. Data on all treatment programs is collected daily, which allows us to make informed data-based decisions on a day-to-day basis. Our program also minimizes travel demands and stress on family and caregivers.

Autism Program staff also periodically provides parent and caregiver workshops, addressing areas such as:

  • Toilet training
  • Behavior management
  • Feeding
  • Incorporating Therapy into Daily Life
  • Basics of ABA and Language Development

Our Programs for Children with Autism

Admission to the Emerge Autism Programs begins with an ABA Consultation with a Licensed Behavior Analyst. The ABA Consult is offered to each child and their family and provides an opportunity to meet with a professional trained to assess communications and social skills. Each of these areas will be assessed through direct testing (if appropriate), observation, and caregiver or parent report during the ABA Consult. This information is used to determine if ABA Will be a good fit for your child. Program recommendations are based on your child’s age, presenting concerns, staff availability, and clinical judgement.

Transdisciplinary Autism Program (TAP)
TAP provides services to children who need group speech-language therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy.  In addition, children in this program may receive individual occupational and speech-language therapy as needed.  The primary focus of this program is to increase communication and build social interaction and communication skills in a group setting.  Children must be between the ages of two and five upon entering the program.  Individual schedules vary depending upon age and placement.

Bloom Program
The Bloom Program is designed to actively incorporate multiple therapies (i.e., Applied Behavior Analysis, occupational therapy and speech-language therapy) throughout a child’s day.  This program serves children who are between the ages of three and five who would benefit from a full-time therapeutic program, require all three therapies, and are ready to work on group learning and transition skills. This program begins in August and runs for a full year. Learn more about Bloom.