School Transition Services for Children with Autism

Preparing Your Child For School

An important part of our therapy is preparing children for attending school. This consultative school transition process begins in earnest approximately six months prior to when your child is scheduled to start school. Our goal is to provide the tools and support he or she needs to be most successful in the school environment.

School Transition Services

We’re a resource for teachers, support for parents and an advocate for your child. In this role, our therapists are available for:

  • Attending Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings with parents, teachers, the principal and     other therapists (speech/occupational).
  • Consulting with the school about your child and his or her specific needs.
  • Guiding your child’s teachers regarding your child’s learning style, behavior and what we’ve seen that works.

The school will ultimately perform their own evaluation, which will then lead to a personalized IEP for your child.