Behavioral Therapy

Behavior Therapy

At The Emerge Center in Baton Rouge, we’re proud to offer behavior therapy services after a child is evaluated and diagnosed. Behavior therapy can come in different formats, depending on the needs of the child and your family. Interventions we can provide include behavior therapy for your child, as well as consultations for parents, therapists, and educators, and transitional support into the academic setting. These services may last from a couple a weeks to a number of months, depending on your child’s needs.

Children exhibiting developmental delays, problem behaviors (e.g., tantrums, aggressive behavior, self-injurious behavior, disruptive or destructive behavior, defiant behavior, feeding difficulties (e.g., limited variety of foods, inappropriate mealtime behavior, picky eaters), psychological distress (e.g., mild anxiety or depression), social skills problems, or learning problems can often benefit from behavior therapy. Our psychologists are available to meet regularly with your child one-on-one if that is deemed beneficial. Our staff will equip your child with strategies to manage behavior or perform better in school, for example. Our clinicians will work with your child identify a set of goals, and work with your child to overcome the struggles preventing him or her from reaching those objectives. For children with social skills problems, therapy may also be provided in a group format to help children develop effective social interaction skills. This format allows children to observe others’ social skills, practice using them, and receive feedback.

Consultations are also available for the adults in your child’s life. If needed, our psychologist may meet regularly with you as well as your child, to discuss your goals for your child and how you may support him or her in making progress. In our efforts to provide a true continuum of care, consultations are also available as needed for other therapists, teachers or school administrators, so that everyone involved in his/her care is equipped with strategies to ensure success.

For children graduating from our therapy services, our psychologists are available to provide transitional support as he or she enters school. We can consult with your child’s teacher on his or her specific learning style, to promote success in the classroom.

Please note that insurance doesn’t always cover off-site observations or meetings. It’s important for the policy holder to speak with your insurance provider regarding coverage for this service.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed to most effectively manage your child’s behavior and reinforce success at home. For more details or to schedule an appointment, please call us at 225-343-4232.