Invest in the Mission | Donate to The Emerge Center

As a non-profit center, donor support makes up approximately 40% of our annual operating budget. For more than fifty years, our guiding principle has been to serve our clients to the greatest extent possible. The generosity of our donors offers hope to families from across the socio-economic spectrum.

Donor giving also helps fill the gap between insurance reimbursement and the actual cost of providing our services. Our staff spends substantial time outside of direct therapy consulting with parents and educators, coordinating services within our team, and capturing data to chart our patients’ progress. These activities are vital components to our families’ success; however, insurance will not reimburse for them.

Gifts to our center enable us to provide the best-in-class services that families in our community need and deserve. Please join us today.

If you’d like to discuss investing in our mission, please contact our Development Office by calling 225-343-4232.

Donor Privacy Statement:
The Emerge Center values its donors as partners in our mission. Donor names, contact information, and information relevant to Emerge’s development activities are kept secure via a password protected database system. Emerge does not share, rent, or sell donor or prospective donor information with any outside party for any reason. Donors who wish to contact Emerge’s Development Department to update records or to be removed from Emerge’s contact list should call 225-343-4232.