Local Donors Supporting The Emerge Center

Our accomplishments would not be possible without the tremendous support of the following community donors. (Listing represents donations to annual operations received January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2016)

You can view our complete 2016 Annual Report here.

$10,000 and above
The Albemarle Foundation
The Andreeff Foundation
Delta Zeta Sorority
Excel Group Services
Fore Kids Foundation Zurich Classic
Mary Terrell Joseph
Matt and Melissa Juneau
Luke and Kathryn Kissam
Matt and Sherri McKay
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Irene W. and C.B. Pennington Family Foundation
Bob Pettit
Mark and Rachel Rohr
Sertoma Club of Baton Rouge, Inc.
Kevin and Staci Tabor
The Milford Wampold Support Foundation
Huey and Angelina Wilson Foundation

$9,999 to $5,000
Dane and Mary Andreeff
Anthem Foundation
E.J. and Marjory B. Ourso Family Foundation
Entergy Louisiana
John Turner and Jerry Fischer
Fishman Haygood
Gary Graphia
Louisiana Television Broadcasting LLC
Chris and Kathy Nieland
Norwood and Maureen Oge
Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
Sean and Jennifer Reilly
Rite Aid Foundation KidCents
Paul and Alaina Saltaformaggio
Mike and Kim Wampold
William Edwin Montan Charitable Trust

$4,999 to $2,500
Boo Grigsby Foundation
Matthew and Maggie Brill
Capital One
Cox Community Grants
ExxonMobil Foundation Employee Volunteer Program
Faulk & Meek General Contractors LLC
Ted and Shelton Jones
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
LUBA Workers Comp
Rolfe and Teeta McCollister
McGlinchey Stafford
Michael McKay
Med Data Service Bureau
Jeff and Jane Morton
Phelps Dunbar
Kent and Elizabeth Richards
Dave Roberts
Ryan and Amber Roussel
SGS Petroleum Service Corporation
United HealthCare

$2,499 to $1,000
Joe and Annie Alleva
AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana
Arkel Constructors
Mark and Laurie Aronson
AST Engineers
Verge and Cheri Ausberry
Baker Donelson
Peter and Lauren Barrios
The Baton Rouge Clinic
Ralph and Edie Bender
Scott and Leslie Berg
Craig and Angela Bergeron
Charles and Marci Blaize
David and Jeanie Bondy
James and Sinclair Buquet
Buquet & LeBlanc
Calais Dermatology Associates
Luc and Rebecca Clary
Coleman Partners Architects
Jeffrey Concepcion
Credit Bureau of Baton Rouge
Louis and Becky DeJohn
Tommy and Kally Dennig
Michael and Patty DePaul
Doyle Electric
Emergent Method
Johnny and Rose Marie Fife
Gary and Lisa Gilbert
Terrence Ginn
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust
Cordell and Ava Haymon
Khanh Ho
Jay and Charlotte Hollman
Hub International Gulf South
ISC Constructors
Jeffrey Kearns
Frederic and Cary Kearny
KeepSafe Inc.
Level Construction and Development
Louisiana Lottery
Massengale Grounds Management
Charles and Jeani Moniotte
Sandra O’Neal
Will and Yvette Owens
Gerald and Janice Pellar
Jean-Paul and Wanda Perrault
Robert and Conway Pettit
Kevin and Winifred Reilly
Stephen Riedlinger
Lenny and Melissa Samuel
Stephen and Kally Sere
Frank and Marcy Simoneaux
John and Linda Spain
Nick and Abbie Speyrer
Starmount Life Insurance
Erich and Katherine Sternberg
Taylor Porter
The Moody Company Foundation
Ryan and Kim Thibodeaux
Frank and Laurie Thigpen
Stephen and Colleen Waguespack
Eric and Audrey Wascome
Geordy and Kate Waters
Whitney Bank
Leonard Wyatt and Jacqui Vines Wyatt

$999 to $500
Michael and Leslie Albritton
James and Denise Angelle
Barbara Beckmann
Skip and Sandra Bertman
Melissa Blake
Keith and Lori Boeneke
Marvin and Susan Borgmeyer
Brad and Emily Boudreaux
Tanya Bourgoyne
Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson
Terrell and Mary Kay Brown
Doze Butler
Celtic Media Centre
Civil Design & Construction Inc.
Colleen Waguespack Interiors
Charlie Cusimano and Vicki Crochet
Charles and Susan D’Agostino
Jay and Cathy Dardenne
Paul and Etta Fair
Derek and Elizabeth Fife
Charles and Pam Fisher
Freeport-McMoRan Copper and Gold Foundation
Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank
Hannis T. Bourgeois & Co.
Heltz Financial Consultants
Daniel and Jayne Jason
Alton and Debbie Landry
Bill and Corinne Long
Louisiana Chemical Association
Jake and Emily Mayo
Layne and Jill McDaniel
Slater McKay
Ellis and Cynthia Michael
Jim and Adrienne Moore
Breaux and Holland Nader
Brent and Angela Neel
Christopher Odinet and McHenry Lee, II
Kasey Pattan Williams
Mark and Linda Posner
Postlethwaite & Netterville
Quota International of Baton Rouge
Lisa Russell
Matthew and Catherine Saurage
Elise Scallan
Mary Ann Sessums
Shaw Center for the Arts
William and Page Silvia
Todd and Kim Stevens
Vaughan Roofing & Sheetmetal
Cyril Vetter
Michael and Kortney West
Michael and Jamie Wong

$499 to $250
Charles and Kathy Allen
Frank and Copper Alvarez
AT&T Employee Giving Campaign
Randy and Carol Bonnecaze
Capital Area CASA
Michelle Carriere
Christopher and Allison Cascio
Scott and Katherine Chenevert
City Year Baton Rouge
John and Marcia Dabkowski
Laura Devillier
Robert and Marcelle Drumm
Parker and Mandy Ewing
Carl and Maria Giese
Giggles Toy Store
Mark and Katie Goodson
Edward and Patricia Henderson
Dana Holmes
Daniel Hotard
Jonesboro State Bank
Jodi Jowers
Thomas and Margaret Kleinpeter
Kevin and Debra Knobloch
Corey and Lauren Knotts
Joseph and Monica Landry
John and Bonnie Leerkes
Dax and Natalee Menge
Michael and Tami Moran
Susan Moreau
Paul and Tomi Morton
Sam and Ann Nader
Todd and Courtney Newbill
Keith and Betty Odinet
Joseph and Cheryl Olinde
Jeanette Plourde and Jeffrey Leichman
Pricewaterhouse Coopers Truist Campaign
Martin and April Setliff
Mark and Kristen Spring
Phillip and Margaret Sprunger
Ronnie Stamper
Brandon and Nicole Stockstill
Traci Thompson
Mareen Treese
Alison Walker
Walters & Mason Retail Inc.
John Whaley
Dr. and Mrs. John White
Martha Yancey

$249 to $100
Air Side Equipment Inc.
Kathy Andrus
Henry and Bernice Arboneaux
Kathy Arnes
Brooke Avery
Paul and Barbara Baier
Brittany Barkley
Barnes & Noble Booksellers
John and Sissy Bateman
Baton Rouge Bolt
Felder and Shannon Beachem
Lorrie Bearden
Jeff and Megan Binder
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Robert Bogan
Jennifer Bowles
Robert and Linda Bowsher
Uvonne Brewer
Cristina Caminita
Ursula Carmena
David and Camille Cassidy
Heather Cazes
George and Debra Charles
Kerry Chauvin
Carolyn Clayton
Brett and Jen Connison
Amy Counce
Joseph Cozzo
Renee Craft
Jack and Susan Dampf
Nicholas and Judy Danna
Amber Day
Taylor and Melissa DeGeneres
Jerry Denicola
Nancy Dougherty
Ellen Ducote
Renea Duffin
Vicki Ellis
Courtney Enjoli
Ashley Fabre
B.E.B.E. Facundus
James and Darlene Feazel
Andrew and Celia Ferguson
Billie Floyd
Frank & Judy Foil
Gaudin Equipment & Supply Company
Debbie Givens
Nancy Gray
Landon and Peyton Greene
K. S. Grigsby
Group Contractors
Keith and Karen Guillot
Guy Hopkins Construction Co. Inc.
Randy Haddad
Leo and Gwen Hamilton
Joy Hammett
Robert Hansen
Winston Harris
Ashley Heard
Jonathan and Hannah Heltz
Ken and Janet Hogstrom
Patricia Humphreys
Kelly Hurtado
Clayton and Cherri Johnson
Dan and Carla Jumonville
JW Grand Inc.
Trescha Kay
Holli Keller
Lawrence and Alice Kronenberger
Kent and Vicki La Place
Eric and Ann Langlois
Charles Lee
Jernigan Lesley
Angela Lorio
Louisiana Art and Science Museum
Eric and Shelly Madison
Mary Kathryn Martin
Frank McArthur
Gary McConnell
Anice McGill
Mental Health Association of Greater Baton Rouge
Mercedes Benz of Baton Rouge
Mid South Equipment Sales and Services
Gary Miller
Stan and Charlene Montelaro
Patrick Mulhearn
John and Ruth Pace
Jay and Pamela Parker
Picou Brothers Construction Co.
Premier HVAC Sales
John and Jennifer Ratelle
Kenneth and Judith Roberson
Charlene Robert
Lindsay Rougon
Randy and Darrelyn Roussel
Meliss Saltaformaggio
Shoresh Preschool
Bob and Connie Smith
Joanna Smith
Lois Smyth
Jerry and Judy Stovall
Johnny and Diane Tate
Theresa Teekel
Ronald and Barbara Thibodeaux
Suzanne Trahan
Arthur and Jeanne Tribou
Sue Turner
Thomas Weaver
Paul and Kathy West

Up to $99
Amy Allende
Logan Anderson
Rena Andrus
Richard and Cynthia Averette
Erin Ayme
Dustin Bane
Sharon Barksdale
Aaron Bayham
Glyn and Paula Bergeron
Sharon Bethea
Susan Blackler
David and Kimberly Boneno
Cynthia Bowling
Daniel and Leigh Bozard
Geralyn Brackin
Ellen Broussard
Leslie Browning
Jennifer Butler
John and Michelle Cambias
Michelle Carbo
Barbara Carey
Una Carmody
George and Ann Carmouche
James and Julie Chappell
Allison Clark
Mike and Holly Clegg
Randolph and Francisca Comeaux
Kyle Cook
Zachary Corbin
Kevin and Melissa Curry
Rachel Dale
John and Collette Dean
Jennifer Dell
Richard and Jamie Doming
Mila Duke
Robert and Erin Easton
Sherry Edwards
Megan Esser
Andrew Fitzgerald
Mike Fontenot
Marston and Jennifer Fowler
Nancy Gervais
Mary Gibbens
Walda Gibbs
James and Cherie Giblin
Kelly Gioe
Ryan Girouard
Buck and Fran Gladden
Nicole Goodwin
Oma Nicole Graas
Peyton and Deborah Grant
Cathy Greene
Bobbi Grigsby
Kevin and Alise Hagan
Jimmie Hammack
Lindsay Hanna
Anne Higley
Krystal Hudgens
Paige Jobe
Pamela Johnson
Diana Johnson
Emily Kornman
Teresa Kovacs
Robert Krieg
Jo and Cleveland Leblanc
Orsonna Lee
Frances Lewis
Stephen Loy
Fatemeh Malekian
Juan Mateos
Mickey Matran
V. Lynn and Frances McCord
Bettsie Miller
Harriet Miller
Brandi Monjure
Belinda Morales
Katherine Negrotto
Sara Neumann
Leah Neupert
Miriam Overton
Roselle Paglomutan
Sharon Patterson
Carmen Patterson
Sterling Rabalais
Kelsey Reeves
Sarah Merrifield Renfrow
Jill Roshto
Michael and Jan Ross
Shelia Runnels
Nadine Russell
Mark and Heather Schaefer
Charles and Jeannine Schutte
Jane Smith
Beverly Sonnier Plaisance
Mary Ann Sternberg
Darcy Stowe
Jeremy Theriot
Keith and Catherine Thibodeaux
Jeffrey and Stephanie Trim
Andrea Turner
United Way of Southeast Louisiana
David Van Gelder
Gabrielle Vetter
Lawrence and Kim Vince
Diane Ward
Bodi White
Gloria Wiley
Renee Wilkerson
Ashley Williams
Theta Williams
Allie Wood
Lindsay Young


2017 Employee Giving Participants
Kelsey Albert
Alyse Amond
Addie Andrus
Jordan Barbay
Jade Blank
Jenny Bonaventure
Emily Boudreaux
Leigh Bozard
Allison Brasuell
Sarah Brunet
Gabrielle Burns
Morgan Campo
Elizabeth Casey
Julie Chappell
Felicia Clement
Katie Cusimano
Missy Devillier
Megan Erickson
Maria Garcia-Giese
Ryan Gautreau
Kelly Gioe
Shannon Glascock
Sara Gonzalez
Katie Gressafa
Paige Guidry
Jessica Houte
Shelton Jones
Melissa Juneau
Mahaganee Kemp
Melissa Leger
Leah Lingo
Delilah Mendes de Gouveia
Natalee Menge
Brandi Monjure
Jane Morton
Laura Owen
Mary Ann Sessums
Lauren Shaw
Meg Sprunger
Nicole Stockstill
Yvette Tabary
Tia Tobias
Suzanne Trahan
Rebekka Weisflog
Alexis Wiley
Emily Williams
Kaykitty Willis
Christie Zeringue