Our Impact on the Community

Emerge’s impact in our region continues to grow each year. As of July 1, 2019, The Emerge Center has served more than 1,100 clients and provided more than 35,000 hours of therapy. The Emerge School completed its first year as a charter, with six of our twenty kindergarten students successfully transitioning to lesser restrictive educational environments.

We invite you to read our 2019 Mid-Year Impact Report highlighting what we’ve accomplished in the past six months thanks to the support of our donors.

View Our 2019 Mid-Year Impact Report

At Emerge, we provide hope to families each and every day through professional diagnoses, treatment, and therapy. Serving nearly 1,000 children every year, we are by far the largest therapy provider in our area. Our team of therapists works together and with parents to tailor treatment plans for each child. The breadth of our services is unrivaled and our collaborative approach is without equal.

The video below offers first-hand testimonials from just a few of the families we have had the pleasure of serving.

The generosity of our donors helps us continue to spark every client’s potential to emerge. The client testimonials below provide an overview of the compelling impact of our services.

Joseph – Group Speech-Language, Bloom, and Kindergarten

When our three-year-old son started at The Emerge Center, he had just been diagnosed with autism and was non-verbal and volatile.  What started with frequent speech sessions evolved into Joseph receiving full day, comprehensive services five days a week.  But more important than the therapies he received at Emerge, is who he became while he was there. He gained his voice, his confidence, his happiness and an entirely new level of independence.  As parents, we gained hope and a team of people we knew had our backs.

The child who walked into Emerge is not the child I live with today.  He has reached a potential I never imagined possible and my hope for his future is much bigger than I ever dreamed it might be. Today Joseph is thriving amongst typically developing peers in kindergarten. Anything our son is able to accomplish for the rest of his life will be because of the solid foundation the Emerge team built for him. They are literally changing lives.  I know, because they changed ours.

Rosie – Bloom and Kindergarten 

It wasn’t too long ago that our daughter Rosie wouldn’t look at people in the eye, play with other children, or want to read and write. She wouldn’t eat anything besides chips and Pediasure, and never really smiled or laughed a lot.

Now, she’s quite the opposite. Rosie continues to grow and develop into such a happy, well-functioning child who is enthusiastic about learning. The team at Emerge helped find the spark in Rosie that I always knew was there. Her love for life, learning, and spending time with others is so exciting to see!

The patience and love that the Emerge team has for the children they see is extraordinary. I never have to worry about Rosie when she is at Emerge. I know that not only will she receive the best therapy, but she will also be spending time with a team that has her best interest at heart. They have helped Rosie find her light, and have given her the encouragement she needs to learn and grow with a smile on her face.

Rachael – Pediatric Behavioral Health

The Emerge Center helped my family so much with their behavioral therapy. My son had been having nothing but bad days at school and home. I didn’t know what to do or how to help him. I am so grateful because with the tools I learned from them has helped my son have more good days than bad. Our family is now having better and more calm days at home.

Kathy – Audiology

Emerge knew exactly what kind of hearing aids would work best with my lifestyle. They asked me about what I wanted the aids to do for me, and they used their experience to assess and fit me in the best ones for me. In my line of work I am on the phone for several hours everyday and communication is very important. They fit me with hearing aids that have Bluetooth capabilities to connect with my phone. Everyone is not the same, and that is why being fit at The Emerge Center is far better than buying a pair of generic hearing aids.