Our Impact on the Community | Success Stories

Here at The Emerge Center, we are dedicated to providing professional diagnoses, treatment, and therapy for both children and adults regardless of financial standing. The video below offers first-hand testimonials from just a few of the families we have had the pleasure of serving. Please click below to hear from these families.

The generosity of our donors helps us continue to spark every client’s potential to emerge. We invite you to read below for a few success stories that illustrate how your support can make a lasting impact on the lives of the children and families we serve.

PhilipPhilip, Autism Program client

Philip was two and a half when he was first diagnosed with speech and developmental delays. He was very content by himself and not interested in group play or interacting with the other children. It was at this time that he was diagnosed with Autism by a pediatric neurologist and later diagnosed with apraxia.

When it came time for preschool, Philip began a program at a private school. After only a few days in the program, the school called informing us that Philip could not stay there and would need a different school setting to meet his special needs. We were devastated and did not know where to turn for help. It was then that we were introduced to The Emerge Center (then Baton Rouge Hearing and Speech Foundation).

Everyone was so welcoming and helpful. After Philip’s evaluation and seeing their plan for his development, we knew we had found the right place for our son. He began ABA, speech and occupational therapy at Emerge. It was such a blessing that he could get all his therapy in one place. Philip will turn five in December and now speaks, asks questions, participates in groups, and plays with friends. We are so grateful for Emerge and the wonderful staff, and that we found Emerge while Philip was at such a young age. The Emerge Center has given us hope for his future.

– Alaina, Philip’s mom

AmarisAmaris, Speech, ABA and OT client

We noticed developmental delays in our son at a very early age. He didn’t crawl until he was 10 months, and was 17 months when he began to walk. He was talking but then suddenly stopped communicating, and would not interact with other children in group settings. As a result, we enrolled him in a Mommy’s Day Out program with the hopes that the interaction with other kids would bring him out of his shell. These programs were successful in teaching him the alphabet, colors, and shapes, but he still wasn’t interacting with other children or communicating effectively. We also noticed that he was extremely sensitive to different sounds and lights when in certain settings. He would scream, cry, and cover his ears.

We were stressed and saddened by the fact that he was trying to communicate with us but couldn’t. Finally, Amaris’ pediatrician suggested that he be evaluated for Autism. He was diagnosed with Autism on a high functioning level.

It was at this time that we were referred to Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation. He began receiving Speech and Applied Behavior Analysis therapies. This has proven to be one of the greatest and best decisions we could have made for our son. We are so appreciative of the love, dedication, and diligence from the entire staff at The Emerge Center.

He is now six and a half years old and in first grade at Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts. He interacts well with his peers and loves going to school! His teachers were so amazed at how well prepared he was for school. We attribute all of this to prayers and The Emerge Center.

– Andra, Amaris’ dad

MylaMyla, Speech client

Myla was diagnosed with speech and developmental delays when she was two and a half years old. We heard about The Emerge Center through our Early Steps Speech Therapist, and we are so glad we did! When Myla started at the age of two and a half, she could hardly communicate anything. The absolutely amazing Speech Therapists at Emerge have worked with Myla for about two years now and it has been an unbelievable transformation. She can say many words, communicate her feelings, and so much more!

Myla will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, and I am confident that she will thrive because of her time at The Emerge Center. I am so thankful for Emerge and for the life changing help Myla received there. Although she was only there for two years, the difference that was made while she was there will last a life time!

– Megan, Myla’s mom

EvanEvan, Autism Program/Kindergarten graduate

Today, on the day of Evan’s Kindergarten Graduation, we say good-bye to a home that has meant so much to our family over the past five years. There is not enough “thanks” that could ever be bestowed on the Emerge team for the impact they have made on Evan, and the rest of our family. For five years, Evan looked forward to going to school EVERY morning. Thank you so much to all the ABA therapists and aides, and the office staff that Evan loved to say “good morning” to everyday! While our hearts are sad to leave, they are filled with the love and compassion that you have shown Evan and our family over the past five years. We love you all! Continued success to Emerge!

– Troy, Evan’s dad

Michael headshot - testimonial

Michael, Audiology Patient

At the age of 18, I began to notice that I was experiencing a hearing loss, and  I was diagnosed with Otosclerosis.  I’ve had hearing aids for many years, and when my most recent set of digital aids were outpaced by my hearing loss, a friend directed me to Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation (now The Emerge Center).  I sat down with the Audiologist and discovered that my hearing loss had indeed become much worse. She expertly explained the advances in hearing aid technology and the options of what would help me the most. I was fit with digital aids that are simply amazing. The improvements in technology now allow me to connect to my cell phone via Bluetooth. I am able to converse with my friends and family, and actually hear my 5-year-old grandson describe life as only a 5-year-old little boy can. Without the assistance of the donors and staff,  I would be missing these moments.  I can think of no better name for this center. Their services, their staff, and their donors have allowed me to indeed emerge from the cloud that is hearing loss. I remain ever grateful for the caring professionals. (My Lil Dude is too, since he can talk with his Pop Pop!)