Schedule a Hearing Test and Evaluation

Types of Hearing Evaluations

At The Emerge Center, all evaluations are performed by a licensed audiologist. Hearing tests for adults take approximately an hour and can include some or all of the following tests.


This is a visual examination of your ears to check for signs of the following issues:

  • Wax buildup: Ear wax protects the ear canal from infection. Over time, it can build up and be pushed back toward the ear drum. This, in turn, can cause a decrease in your hearing.
  • Ear infections: Ear infections are generally caused by a cold, infection or allergies which can trap fluids in the middle ear area. Like ear wax, it can impact your ability to hear clearly.
  • Fluid buildup: It’s not uncommon for fluid to sometimes build up behind your eardrums. This is often caused by blockage of tube that connects the middle ear and throat. When fluid in this area doesn’t drain properly, it can lead to slight hearing loss, discomfort and, if untreated, possibly infection.
  • Ear pressure: Normally, the air pressure inside the middle ear area is the same as outside. Sometimes, however, allergies, a cold or an infection can create a slight bulge or dip in the eardrum. This is a sign of a possible issue with ear pressure and can result in a slight hearing loss.

This process involves checking ear drum movement. A probe or ear bud (like an mp3 earphone) is inserted into your ear.

Speech Recognition Testing
For this test, the audiologist will say words and ask you to repeat them back. The words will initially be spoken at a comfortable level and will gradually increase and decrease in volume until the audiologist is able to determine the softest level at which you will respond.

Pure Tone Testing
This test determines the softest sound you hear at a variety of pitches. You will be asked to raise your hand when you hear the beep sound at a particular pitch level.

Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE)
For this test, an ear probe is used to stimulate the cochlea (the sensory organ for hearing that’s located in the inner ear) simultaneously by two pure tones.

Hearing Loss Diagnoses

Using the results from the various tests, our audiologist then pieces together a blueprint of your hearing. Are both ears the same? Is it typical hearing loss due to noise? Aging? Are the results typical of person with middle ear dysfunction? With answers to those and many other questions, our audiologist is then able to recommend an effective course of treatment.

With answers to those and many other questions, our audiologist is then able to identify an accurate diagnosis and recommend an effective course of treatment.

Scheduling An Evaluation

To schedule an evaluation, please contact our Audiology Department at (225) 343-4232.