Pediatric Occupational Therapy Support

You Play A Vital Role In Your Child’s Care

The Emerge Center encourages you to be active throughout your child’s therapeutic process, and parent support is offered in a variety of formats. Besides the standard day-to-day contact with us as you pick up and drop off your child, we also recommend a formal conference with our therapists twice a year or at your request. These meetings give us a chance to discuss your child’s progress with you and make any adjustments to his or her treatment plan.

In addition, The Emerge Center offers monthly parent Munch-N-Learns where one of our clinicians share expert advice on a number of topics relevant to the growing child and family.  We have an extensive library of videos, books, brochures and more that can be a great resource for additional ways parents can help your child. Our family days and seasonal celebrations gives families and children time to experience typical child hood activities with the support of their therapy team.