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New Hope Emerges

In late 2010, the Board of Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation decided now was the time to grow our center, expanding our services for those in our community who need us. The plan for The Emerge Center was born mid-2011 and in January, 2012, we invited the public to join us on our Capital Campaign. In 18 short months, through the generosity of a dedicated group of donors, we had raised $7 million dollars, and construction began December 20, 2012.

Open to the public in April, 2014, this interdisciplinary therapy center affords us the opportunity to at least double all services, and triples our square footage. The new facility features:

  • Ten Group Therapy Classrooms, each with separate parent observation spaces
  • One Kindergarten-level classroom
  • Eleven rooms for Applied Behavior Analysis one-on-one therapy
  • Six rooms for individual therapy or evaluation and behavioral therapy/psychological services
  • Two state-of-the art Audiology testing booths, two hearing consultation rooms, plus space for hearing aid repair
  • A full Indoor Sensory/Occupational Therapy gym
  • A large-scale conference and training center
  • A cafeteria and outdoor dining patio
  • A parent resource room/lending library

With this new center, our goal is to to:

  • Serve up to 300 children in our Children’s Development Center per week.
  • Serve up to 100 children in our Programs for children with Autism per year.
  • Treat up to 60 Occupational Therapy clients per week.
  • Double the size of our Audiology practice.

For a list of the generous organizations and individuals who made this center possible, please visit the Our Donors page.

Photo credit Melissa Oivanki/Oivanki Photography.