Rain, rain, go away!

March 2, 2015

The summer is a beautiful thing, but all this rain is a BUMMER! We know it can be difficult keeping the kids busy while school is out, and this rain makes that even harder. We’ve put together a list of a few activities you can do on a rainy day, some of which are great for working on your child’s fine motor skills!

Walk The Linewalk the line

Take painters tape of different colors and tape down onto a tile or hardwood floor in different patterns. Pretend with your child that they are a tightrope walker! Walking along the various routes will help you work on your child’s balance skills!

Indoor Beanbag Toss


This is fun AND will help work on shape recognition with your child! Use painters tape to tape down different shapes onto a tile or hardwood floor. Have your little one throw the bean bag into the corresponding shapes as you call them out. **If you don’t have bean bags, a heavy duty Ziploc filled with rice or beans will work great!

Scavenger Hunt

The opportunities here are endless!

  1. Make a list of various items around your house for your little one to search for.
  2. Do an ABC hunt where you search for an item representing each letter of the alphabet (apple, button, candle, etc.).
  3. Hide puzzle pieces around the house with clues to where they are and then complete the puzzle together.

Time Capsule

Pull out the arts and crafts box, find an old shoe box, and decorate away! Then ask your child what they would like to put in it. If you don’t have a lot of tangible items you want to store away, write down funny stories and lists of your child’s favorite things to do, eat, watch, etc.!