Resources for Referring Professionals

Emerge requires a physician’s referral for all services. Referring professionals can send referrals and documentation by email to or by fax to 225-343-4233.

For any service, once orders are received, our scheduling department will contact the patient within 48- 72 hours to schedule the next available appointment.  If a patient cannot be reached, we will contact the referring physician’s office for updated patient demographics.

If current and accurate patient contact information is not available and patient cannot be reached, we will let your office know. Please be aware that we do our very best to see your patient in a timely manner; however, evaluations and therapy openings are based space availability.

Once a patient is scheduled, you may wish to direct them to our scheduling and forms page to download paperwork they’ll need for their first appointment.


For all audiology services, a physician referral is needed. Referrals for hearing evaluations can be emailed to A patient needing hearing aids must have a prescription from a physician.


To be enrolled in speech therapy, all patients require a speech evaluation. Our speech pathology staff conducts speech evaluations. Referrals for speech evaluations can be emailed to If a patient has a speech evaluation that has been conducted in the last 6 months, a copy must be emailed to A copy of the speech evaluation and treatment plan will be sent to your office.

Upon completion of the speech evaluation, a determination will be made as to whether or not treatment is needed. If treatment is indicated, the patient will be scheduled when an opening is available. You may request updated progress notes and therapy status by contacting


To refer a patient to our Autism program, email orders  that includes the patient’s diagnosis to To enroll, clients must have a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Pervasive Development Disorder-NOS, or related disorder.

Additional and supporting testing and evaluations are available and can be provided by our Psychology department to confirm the diagnosis of Autism or related disorders. Emerge’s Psychology Department can conduct evaluative testing such as the ADOS.


To refer a patient for psychological services, email orders to If a psychological evaluation has been completed within 6 months, email a copy of a recent evaluation and school and/or medical records to and/or direct parent to bring documentation with them to the initial consultation.