Facilitated Kindergarten

The Facilitated Kindergarten is a BESE-approved, Non-Public Kindergarten program and follows a traditional school year calendar and school day schedule. This Special Education Kindergarten program provides a combination of academic instruction aligned with Common Core State Standards, speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, and ABA therapies for student’s ages five to six years old with significant disabilities who need a low student: teacher ratio for learning and adult support. This program operates to provide special education instruction to school-aged children with diagnosed exceptionalities (developmental delay, autism, apraxia, speech-language disorders, etc.). This program prepares students to enter into future special education settings with a functional communication system, improved independence, self-help skills, and essential learner readiness skills. This class prioritizes:

  • establishing a functional communication system for each student, such as speech, sign language, PECS, or communication devices
  • establishing adaptive and self-help skills needed for greater independence, such as feeding, toilet training, and sensory processing
  • teaching learner-readiness skills within a small group setting, such as attending to teacher led activities, participating in classroom activities, completing simple work tasks with assistance, tolerating peers, turn taking, sitting for appropriate lengths of time to complete simple tasks, sharing work space with peers
  • family training
  • exposing students to grade-level Common Core State Standards through pre-literacy and pre-numeracy education

Children who enroll in this class may not yet be able to communicate their wants and needs appropriately, might already have begun to use communication devices, are incontinent, not yet manipulating own clothing and belongs, have moderate to severe food selectivity or food refusal, and may require close supervision and full adult support to participate in their learning environment. Adaptations and modifications for individual needs are built into the curriculum, allowing students to demonstrate success at their individual level while continuing to address the most basic academic prerequisites and content at the most appropriate developmental level.

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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students: Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation doing business as The Emerge Center school admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability, and religion.