Transitional Kindergarten

This is a BESE-approved, Non-Public Kindergarten program and follows a traditional school year calendar and school day schedule. This Special Education Transitional Kindergarten program is an academic program that operates to provide special education instruction to children ages five to six years old with diagnosed exceptionalities (developmental delay, autism, apraxia, speech-language disorders, etc.). This program addresses Common Core State Standards and prepares students to repeat kindergarten the following year in a less restrictive environment. The class is staffed with one special education teacher and two aides. This class prioritizes:

  • teaching students skills needed to successfully learn and demonstrate their knowledge in a larger class setting
  • teaching appropriate social functioning needed to interact with peers and belong to a group setting
  • generalization of academic skills from individualized practice into the whole class setting
  • establishing the needed adaptive and independence skills needed to be a member of a larger class
  • teaching basic literacy, numeracy, and handwriting skills according to Common Core State Standards

Children who enroll in this class generally have a functional communication system established, can communicate their needs, are toilet/schedule trained, and have some emerging group setting learning skills. Adaptations and modifications for individual needs are built into the curriculum, allowing students to demonstrate success at their individual level while continuing to address academic content.

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Notice of Nondiscriminatory Policy As To Students: Baton Rouge Speech and Hearing Foundation doing business as The Emerge Center school admits students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, disability, and religion.