Support and Guidance for Speech and Language Difficulties

Parental Support for Children with Communication Delays and Disorders

The Emerge Center encourages you to be an active participant throughout your child’s therapeutic process. Our staff is here to equip you with tools you can use to support and nurture your child’s development.

Guided Observations – Each of our group speech-language classrooms has an adjoining observation room equipped with a one-way mirror. Parents are encouraged to schedule a guided observation every few months. This gives you an opportunity to watch your child’s group therapy session in action. A speech-language therapist will be there with you to discuss strategies being used and to answer any questions you may have.

AAC Parent Training – Some children at Emerge use an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) device to support their communication development and learning. Use of an AAC device is typically recommended by the speech-language therapist after trial use within therapy. The Emerge Center offers an AAC Loaner Program, made possible by generous donors. This allows a family to have a 6-12 week trial period with a device. During this period, the family will participate in 4-6 parent training sessions along with their child, to learn how to best support their child’s communication development using the AAC device at home.

Conferences – Besides the standard day-to-day contact with us as you pick up and drop off your child, we also recommend a more formal conference with your child’s therapist. This gives us a chance to discuss your child’s progress, review testing results, discuss concerns with you, and make any adjustments to his or her treatment plan.

Monthly Munch-N-Learns – Parent workshops may be offered at various times throughout the year, focusing on specific topics pertaining to the development of communication and overall development.

Library – We have an extensive library of videos, books, brochures and more that can be a great resource for parents seeking additional ways to help their children.