Gulf Coast Bank Challenge

Through their annual Community Rewards Program, Gulf Coast Bank will award a total of $75,000 to the top 10 local non-profits voted on by the community. First place will win $30,000!

You can make this happen for Emerge! Here’s how…

1. Go to
2. Type in your email and request an access ID
3. Vote for “Emerge Foundation” with your email and access ID

You can vote from multiple email addresses EVERY DAY! One minute of your time every day REALLY can get us there!

We know life is busy, and you may not be able to vote every day, so let us help! You can send your email address and access ID to A member of our team will submit your daily vote FOR YOU! You won’t be added to any weird mailing lists. You’ll just be sharing the love for Emerge!

All funds raised will be distributed evenly between The Emerge Center and The Emerge School for Autism.